Football and its changes

In today’s world and with globalization, changes of great magnitude occurred in terms of political, economic and social aspects. For instance, thanks to instant messaging we believe that distances shorten, but in football seems that the opposite is going on.

Lately, it’s easy to see how a concentration of power got established within a few European teams, which led to a drop in the competitiveness of local leagues given the disparity of resources. Also, as happened in China or USA, the promotion of this sport to get followers and prestige is made through great quantities of money to capture elite players. In this context, in those leagues that don’t count with these factors, like the Argentinean, clubs are pushed to sell their stars early, sometimes even before they get to debut on First Division.

With the mentioned concentration of power, it seems very unlikely to watch again Club World Cup finals such as Argentinos Juniors vs. Juventus or Boca Juniors vs. Real Madrid, with great parity between “poor” South-American teams and “rich” European teams.

Agustin Palmisciano.

Translation by: Julián Luppi



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