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Globalonet is a portal that connects with sport, with its essence, but also with its development and with the effects that globalization generates in it. Our space comes up as a different alternative to the huge quantity of digital, TV and radio media, specific or peripheral in relation to sport.

The immediacy and succession of news many times threatens the analysis and comprehension of facts and their implications. Through our content, we will try to shorten the distance between the game and its conjuncture, without losing sight of the interaction between sport and social, economic and political factors.

The constant technological advances will serve as a nexus between you and us, and that’s why the commitment of this website is to bring quality on every line, together with the visual content on our social networks.

Extend the debate to our readers is our main objective. We are facing a great opportunity to build together an own vision, and that’s why since August 22nd, 2017 we started this project that understands the concentration of power and globalization as a starting point to propose the analysis that we will search to develop together with you, establishing a bond through analytical and honest content.

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